You can pay by PayPal (and with credit card using Paypal even without an account) and bank transfer.
The payment procedure is carried out within a direct protected connection with the bank providing and managing the online payment service and data is transmitted in encrypted form via a secure SSL protocol.
The protocol guarantees secure transmission of all data and protects against decrypting and/or counterfeiting of all sensitive information.

PayPal is an electronic wallet offering payments and money transfers through Internet.
In order to use PayPal you need to register on the official PayPal website: registration is easy and free.
You can pre-load your PayPal account with a transfer from your current account, or you can associate a credit card, a pre-paid card or a current account to your PayPal account.
For more information on this payment method, please visit the PayPal website.

If you have an active credit card with your PayPal account, you can save an identification code here, which will avoid you having to insert your details for future payments.
The data you provide will only be collected by GUIA SASand transmitted to PayPal in encrypted form for digital filing.
PayPal will store and handle the aforementioned data autonomously, employing the highest level of security, and for the sole purpose of fulfilling your purchases on our website
You can deactivate your token (secure saving of your credit card data) at any time by contacting PayPal, or by typing “Cancel subscriptions” after accessing your PayPal account (you will be directed to the page containing instructions on how to cancel a recurring payment).

If you decide to pay via bank transfer, you can either do the trasfer via the home banking system of your bank, or directly at your Bank Office, then you will send GUIA S.A.S. via email at confirmation of the payment, using the transaction CRO or any unique identifier of the transaction. When your payment will be verified, we will proceed with the shipment. And you will receive an email confirmation.